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Read our working rules.


Register and contact your district representative

First, register in the system. Confirm your account using the link in the email we send you. Then contact us and we will give you the appropriate permissions to use the system.

Sign up for your first order

Open your calendar, find the order you are interested in and sign up for it. See how easy it is!


Come to the farm

You dont have to worry about anything. If possible, we will come to pick you up at a predetermined place and bring you to the job site. And after the job is completed, we deliver you to the condemned place.

Follow the rules

Each farm has its own regulations. Follow the rules and regulations while on assignment. Familiarize yourself with them before starting work.


Disinfect yourself

Disinfection is one of the most important things you need to do before doing your work. Remember it!

Change your work attire

You dont have to worry about work clothes. We provide everything for you. It is fresh and clean every time.


Chase the turkeys

Nothing could be easier! Take a sheet and together with the other workers try to chase the turkeys to the loading area. Usually it will be the front door!

Load the turkeys

You and your co-workers will carry the turkeys out of the hen house and load them onto a truck. Ten people carry the turkeys out of the hen house, and four pick them up and put them in cages.


Clean up after yourself

At the end of your work, remember to take with you all unnecessary things that could affect the health of the turkeys.

Collect the money

After the order is completed, you will receive your money in your hand or in your account in no time. Just to make it more convenient for you!


Employees are the most important thing to us.

For our employees, we offer numerous benefits flowing from the use of our services.

Safe conditions

Work is carried out together with best health and safety practices

Friendly atmosphere

Every employee feels comfortable because with us the most important thing is respect.

Transportation to the job site

We provide transportation in a company car from the employees home to the work site.

Free training

We conduct professional training for our employees on a daily basis.

Are you a breeder?

Are you looking for new solutions and work dynamics? Would you like to start cooperation with us? Nothing simpler we invite you to get acquainted with our offer!

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